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Optimizing the PHP MP3 waveform generator

After some great comments in the original PHP MP3 Waveform Generator blog post, I decided to go ahead and do my best to optimize the script as much as possible. This included, as a commenter named Bruce pointed out, that it wasn’t very efficient on memory to perform a extraction of a large set of…

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“phrames” framework/ORM now on github

While in the midst of readying some fairly large projects at work, I haven’t had too much time to progress with my last update of my “phrames” ORM/framework. However, I am happy to announce (to whoever is willing to listen) that I’ve published my work to github! I’m really hoping that, first and foremost, this…

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Generating MP3 waveforms with PHP

UPDATE: After some great comments, I have optimized the performance of this script and made some brief commentary available here. I have also updated any source code links below to the new github project page. I don’t quite know what gave me the desire to ever generate audio (specifically MP3) waveforms with PHP — it’s…

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